Manufacturing Excellence

The Group continues to devote its capital expenditure to investments in automation and smart factories, as well as in the projects of product development innovation centers and process re-engineering.

1. Upper Production
Shoe uppers are manufactured from raw materials including cloth, fabric, synthetics and natural leather. Production starts with the cutting of raw materials by automated cutting machines, which are then processed using advanced intelligent manufacturing devices (including screen print, high frequency computer stitching and embroidery processing, among other types). The basic shape of uppers is formed during the stitching stage and undergoes strict inspection for appearance and quality control.

2. Bottom Production
A shoe bottom consists of a midsole and an outsole, which are made from EVA and rubber respectively. These raw materials are mixed, heated, stirred, and pressed to form sheets of various thickness and density, or are processed using injection and molding pressure, in order to create the desired shape. The efficiency of this production process is being continuously enhanced through the use of automated processing equipment in order to cater to the needs of our customers – a ‘win-win’ for all involved.

3. Combining Uppers and Bottoms
Uppers and bottoms are combined to form a completed product using an assembly process featuring RFID, automated arms, and visual detecting systems. This process is being continuously further integrated and improved to achieve higher efficiency.

The first phase of the assembly process consists of confirming the appearance of the uppers with parts and the last inserted; the middle phase consists of cementing the uppers and bottoms together; and the final phase consists of finishing and packaging.